Commissioned Artwork

Ed accepts Private or Corporate Commissions for most subjects, including Portraits, Wildlife (including pets, horses etc.) Landscapes, Seascapes, Abstracts, etc. Ed will not paint nudes or controversial subjects.


Initial Meeting and/or Discussion – At this point it would be good to discuss the size of the painting that the client would like, what the subject will be, any special colors that the client is fond of or has in mind. Any Reference Photos that the Client has that may give direction as to what he or she has in mind, could come in handy. A picture of the room the art will hang in (especially the wall it will hang on) comes in handy, to be sure that the colors that will be used in the painting will be commensurate with the Interior Design Color Scheme and Features. Ed can take the pictures of the room if it works out to meet at your home or office.

Proposal – Once the Details have been decided, Ed will submit a Written Proposal with a price and all the details spelled out.

Miniature Rough Drawing – Ed will produce a rough graphite drawing of the proposed painting for the acceptance of the Client before the actual painting begins.

The Painting – will be an Archival Quality painting that will last a lifetime.

Payment Schedule
10% Payment will be required at the time the Proposal is accepted and signed.
40% Payment will be required at the time the Miniature Rough Drawing is accepted by the Client.
Final Payment will be Due when the Painting is completed.

Complimentary Services – Helping to select a complimentary frame and helping to select an ideal hanging location.

Extra Charges – for any additional work other than what is spelled out in the Proposal, and any Frames, Shipping Fees or Travel expenses. Other extras may apply.

Fine Art by Ed Waugh